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4 years ago

Ep.11 - DQ & GG - Black Lives Matter Pt. 1

Hanging out and talkin' cheerleading and racism and why black lives matter with our friends.

Joining us for Episode 11, we have DQ & GG (some in the cheer world and beyond may know them as DeQuane and Alicia though)! In our Black Lives Matter Part 1 episode, we wanted to dive right into being comfortable with the uncomfortable for the purpose of using this platform to inform and educate about racism in and out of cheerleading, the fears and excitement of being new parents, and some of the steps we can all take to help everyone around us find equity.

Mark Thru Recommended Resources for Self-Education for Combating Racism and Hate:

Podcasts: 1619 - Lynching in America -

Books for Kids/Families: Just Ask - The Crayon Box that Talked - The Skin You Live In - One Big Heart - Herstory -

Movies/TV Shows/Videos: Self Made | Story of Madam CJ Walker (Mini-series) Netflix Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man (YouTube Series) 13th (Documentary) Netflix Just Mercy (Movie) Good Hair (Chris Rock Documentary)

General Knowledge: Black Inventors - Tulsa Race Massacre - Black Wall Street -


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